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Eye Tracking Analysis
Do you want to make use of one of the most effective and advanced analytical methods to obtain knowledge of your users' actual use of your website?

Eye tracking provides concrete knowledge of where your users are looking or not looking on your website - this  provides a unique basis to optimize your online business.
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You get
  • Eye tracking tests with 5 to 25 respondents
  • Pre interviews
  • Think-and-speak test (with test conductor) combined with solo test
  • Eye tracking - 30 to 90 minutes of user test
  • Post interview on the total test experience (with 'rating' - characters given to different web elements such as design, pictures, navigation etc.)
  • Extra: Video reporting (tests and interviews)
  • Your advantages
  • Get ahead of your competitors with a unique tool to optimize your online business
  • More users to do value creating actions from knowledge about where they focus on your website
  • More value from your online marketing from eye tracking on banners and other online marketing material
  • Use test respondents answers to get vital qualitative feedback on your website to optimize your e-business concept and in details
  • What is eye tracking?
    With eye tracking a test person is
    placed in front of a PC screen and
    given concrete user tests while the
    test persons eyes are tracked with
    infrared light.

    This generates "heatmaps" where you
    see where the test person focus on the
    screen and on the website, banner etc.
    More online bookings with
    eye tracking
    Case: addCar

    Inflow used Eye Tracking to
    generate a better conversion rate
    in addCars online car rental website.